Below are some of my professional qualifications:


"Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen." 

Pete Carroll

I consider that my online practice could provide guidance and support to people that are looking to develop better insights and learn new skills on various aspects of their lives, such as business, academic life, relationships, and more. It may be the right choice for clients who are looking to work on improving their lives and general wellness. Some elements that my method involves are historic and value exploration, goal-setting, personal growth and behaviour modification.

The main purpose of my practice is to help clients achieve their most valued goals in life by helping them acquire new skills and by exploring their choices and possible courses of action, empowering them to take control of their plans and dreams, and hopefully encouraging them into leading a more meaningful and fulfilling existence.




The initial phase of our work together starts by learning about your current goals and aspirations that you want us to address together.


The next step involves helping you in the guided discovery of which areas in your life may be needing more development.

Positive Alliance

The fundamental aspect for my work approach to be successful is to establish a positive alliance with you in order to progress optimally.

Clarifying your Goals

Finding what makes your life meaningful, valuable and worth living is central to our work together. This includes the development of insights about your life.

Constructing a Plan

As part of our progress, we will by looking into different alternatives and solutions to your problems, examining your plans, potential choices and possible action courses.

Taking it into Action

All of our work is a dynamic process that accompanies you through your chosen action paths, offering support during the whole process as you go for it - step by step.


Attending online sessions with me could work on improving many different areas in your life.
We could begin by addressing past and present situations that you may find relevant to take into account and revise together. This could be an essential aspect to start with by gaining more insight and discovering what we need to take care of together.

My practice may also help you to achieve a more positive mindset and develop better resources in your present life, for example by learning skills to manage negative thoughts, self-limitingbeliefs, worry and rumination - while also offering guidance on getting unstuck and finding new solutions and more effective answers to long-standing problems.

It could also benefit you by helping you to become more aware of thehere and now and learning how to be more mindful and present in your everyday experiences.

All of our work together could eventually lead into you learning how to better manage and cope with unpleasant or difficult emotions and feelings.

As part of boosting your general well-being, our work together could also focus on establishing or reinforcing positive daily habits, lifestyle choices, self-care skills or even improve your work-life balance.

I could assist you in improving your life as a student or enhancing your job or career.
Or we could also develop together strategies to enrich your relationships, family and social connections - from friends to dating and even love life.

All of this, in the long run, could be leading to establishing a better connection with your inner world and fostering a more friendly and compassionate relationship with yourself.

The options are actually, almost limitless.